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Who is KACEE?

KACEE is the Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education. KACEE's mission is to promote and provide effective, non-biased, science-based conservation and environmental education to all Kansans. 

KACEE's vision is an environmentally literate Kansas citizenry, with KACEE as the recognized leader of the state's conservation and environmental education network. KACEE was established as, and continues to be, an organization consisting of various agencies, organizations, and individuals with an interest in supporting environmental education.


KACEE's Core Programs

Workshop Registration Rates & Scheduling

Plan Ahead

3-4 Months Ahead

2-3 Months Ahead

1-2 Months Ahead

1 Month to 1 Day Ahead

Day of Workshop

After Workshop

Set Up For Success

Your Agenda

Materials Management

The Learning Environment

Reach Out

Partner Organizations & Resources

Marketing & Promotion


Workshop Facilitation Strategies

Classroom Management Strategies

Understand Your Audience

Know Your EE

EE Overview

Foundations of EE

EE Best Practices

Research Supporting EE

EE & Core Curriculum

Early Childhood Facilitator Resources

Best Practices


Materials List

Reading Connections

Standard Correlations

Additional Resources & Links

General Facilitator Links & Downloads




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