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A Green School is a healthy, environmentally-friendly space to work, learn, and play. 

Studies show that students, teachers, administrators, and staff who spend time in Green Schools experience fewer absences and illnesses, and generally express more satisfaction with their school experience.


Students' imagination and enthusiasm are heightened by using nature and the environment as a classroom. Incorporating EE practices into curriculum help schools achieve state & national academic standards in all subject areas.

Green Schools incorporate quality, non-biased environmental education across the curriculum, using the facility and grounds themselves as opportunities for educational experiences. 

Greenbush KGSVA

Kansas Green Schools Overview Video

The Kansas Green Schools Program was established in 2008 through a partnership with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment 


As part of Kansas Green Schools, teachers, administrators, students and parents have the opportunity to:

Network with other
Green Schools in Kansas​

Earn state and national recognition as a Kansas Green School of Excellence

Butterfly Side

Gain access to the

Kansas Green Schools 

Investigations and resources for your Green School efforts


Learn about training & conference opportunities for professional development


Find local partners to work with you on your green efforts


"Growing Green Schools and the Kansas Green Schools of Excellence Program is a perfect example of engaging, meaningful, project-based teaching and learning.  It has been wonderful watching how quickly and deeply students of all ages embrace environmental education opportunities provided through our Green Schools initiative. These young people are excited about collecting data in their school, finding solutions and taking action, ...based upon what is learned through the investigative process. Whether it is reducing energy consumption, protecting (the) water supply, growing their own food, or countless other projects, students are empowered by their experience of making a difference in the world." 

-Dr. Marvin Wade: Superintendent, Manhattan-Ogden School District

Before you sign up, check to see if your school is already a registered Green School

Standards of Excellence: Kansas Green School Recognition Criteria

We are happy to welcome you to the KGS Network! Registration is free, and allows you access to the KGS Investigations. The five investigations your school can engage in are water, waste & recycling, energy, healthy school environment, and the learning community. The investigations are student-driven and provide opportunities for STEAM; by participating in the KGS Investigations, students will have access to countless STEAM learning opportunities, as well as project and service-based learning. As your school completes these investigations, your site is eligible to become a Kansas Green School of Excellence, and receive state and national recognition, and receive a Green Schools flag that you can display at your school.

Recognition is provided to schools who achieve the outlined KGS Standards of Excellence at three levels: Silver Globe, Gold Globe, and Green Globe.

The first level of recognition is a Silver Globe award, where your school has completed at least 2 of the investigations, as well as the other criteria listed below. The Kansas Green Schools of Excellence graphic below charts your school's path to becoming a green success.

Contact Rachel Wahle at or by phone at (785) 539-7943 with questions!



Getting your students involved in investigating your school to find ways to reduce energy use and create a healthier school environment helps to build student engagement, awareness, knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a relevant and real-world context. 

Developed from the Project Learning Tree Green Schools! investigations and the National Wildlife Federation Eco-Schools USA investigations, the Kansas Green Schools of Excellence investigations provide teachers, students, parents and community members with initial investigations to begin explorations in the following areas:




Waste & Recycling




Healthy School Environment


The Learning Community

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