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K-12 Teachers: Join the KICK Challenge!

Sponsored by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Bureau of Waste

Interested in being part of the KICK Challenge?
Here are the opportunities to get your school started: 

Step 1-Register for KICK CHALLENGE

Register to be a part of the challenge and get access to the KICK Challenge Google Classroom for your grade level which will guide your students through the Waste & Recycling Investigation and allow them to take part in the KICK Challenge competition (which makes your team eligible to compete for the $1,000 award for your school).

Recycling Bins

 Step 2-Enroll for the KGS Leader eeCredential



Enroll in the Green Leader eeCredential

  • Completed asynchronously over 9-10 weeks (~ 3-4hrs/week)

This eeCredential will provide K-12 formal educators with the professional development to become a Kansas Green School Leader and successfully lead your school team through the KICK Challenge through the school year.


*BONUS* You'll have the opportunity to enroll in 1 hour of graduate credit through Baker University for $85.


Teachers: Join the KICK Challenge!

What is the KICK Challenge?

Keep It Clean, Kansas! We're inviting schools across the state to get involved in becoming greener schools by reducing or eliminate the waste they produce. We're looking for lead teachers and their students to initiate an investigation of waste in their school and work collaboratively to come up with creative and innovative solutions.


Through a partnership with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) ​we can provide support to lead teachers and students to complete this investigation and share their solutions. Video submissions of solutions enters your school in a competition for one of three $1,000 awards, and recognition as being green champions in our state.

Sponsored by
Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE)

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