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Introducing the 2021-2023 KACEE Board of Directors

Congratulations to our new KACEE Board Officers!

President: Keri Harris, Franklin County Conservation District

President-Elect: Delia Lister, Pitt State University, Nature Reach

Past President: Dr. Michael Hotz, Retired Teacher, Wyandotte High School

Treasurer: Sylvia Davis, City of Topeka Utilities, WPC Division

Secretary: Sydney Becker, Greenbush - The SE Kansas Education

Service Center


We are thrilled to introduce our new KACEE Board Members! Each individual brings unique experience and expertise to our organization, and we are grateful for their commitment to KACEE and environmental education.

Please join us in welcoming them by leaving a comment below!


KACEE Board of Directors NEW Members Leonore Enfield, Lyons Middle School (At Large)

Aida Farough, PhD, KSU Department of Geology (At Large)

John Gallagher, Dillon Nature Center (At Large)

Mandy Kern, Kansas Wetlands Education Center (At Large)

Melanie Haas, Kansas State Board of Education (Ex-Officio)

Lyndzee Rhine, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism (Ex-Officio)

KACEE Board of Directors Returning At Large Members Ron Betzen, Kansas Farm Bureau Dominick DeRosa, FL Schlagle High School Sydney Becker, Green bush – The Southeast Kansas Education Service Center Marcel Harmon, BranchPattern Melissa Kirkwood, Sunset Zoo Marvin Wade, USD 383 – Manhattan - Ogden

Ma'Ko'Quah Abigail Jones, Prairie Band Potawatomie Nation

Please note that in addition to the above positions, the KACEE Board of Directors will continue to maintain the following Ex-Officio representation:

Katie Basiotis, Kansas Department of Health & Environment Robin Blume, Kansas Department of Agriculture Kim Bomberger Kansas Forest Service Mike Rader, Kansas Department Wildlife, Parks & Tourism Meg Richard, Kansas State Department of Education Travis Sieve, Kansas Department of Health & Environment

Kirk (TJ) Tjelmeland, Kansas Water Office Kathleen Waters, Kansas Department of Health & Environment Janet Waugh, Kansas State Board of Education

We wish to express our gratitude and acknowledge the dedicated service provided to KACEE by the following leaders:

Gina Penzig, Evergy

Janet Waugh, Kansas State Board of Education

Ken Perdue, Affinity Sustainability Partners


Please join us in welcoming new Board Members, congratulating our new officers, and thanking existing & outgoing Board Members by leaving a comment below!

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Unknown member
Jan 20, 2021

Congratulations to all incoming Board Members and Officers! We're so excited to have you.

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