Project WILD


Project WILD is an environmental education resource program that helps participants develop an awareness, appreciation and understanding of wildlife. Some of the exciting activities include: "Quick Frozen Critters", "Oh Deer", and "Muskox Maneuvers".

The importance of water to all forms of life inspired Project WILD Aquatic. It invites us to explore and understand the fascinating world of water and the life it supports. Your students will participate in fun activities like: "Migration Headache", "Turtle Hurdles", and "Marsh Munchers".

Project WILD's early childhood education guide, Growing Up WILD: Exploring Nature with Young Children, is new in 2009 and was developed especially for educators of children ages 3-7.

WILD and WILD Aquatic are co-sponsored by the Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism.

Visit  for more information about Project WILD's National Programs, or contact Ashlyn Kite-Hartwich, Kansas WILD Coordinator for more information about WILD workshops in Kansas.