KACEE offers a variety of conservation and environmental education workshops to both formal and non-formal educators. Each year, between 1,300 - 1,800 educators take part in KACEE's workshops. Workshop participants typically include PreK-12 teachers, community college instructors, camp and scout leaders, home school educators, zoo & park staff, naturalists, child care providers, after-school program staff, natural resource professionals, pre-service teachers, and anyone with an interest in teaching children about the natural world.

The environmental education materials encompass five core programs for K-12: Project Learning Tree, WILD & WILD Aquatic, WET, and the Leopold Education Project. Core programs for early childhood (ages 3-6) include Project Learning Tree Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood and Growing Up WILD. Workshops are custom designed using these resources to provide professional development for teachers and nonformal educators, as well as preservice enhancement for university and college students in education and natural resource fields. KACEE serves as the co-sponsor of these programs in partnership with various state agencies. Each program is nationally acclaimed and delivered through workshops of 6 hours or more in length. The programs are interdisciplinary and designed to supplement classroom curriculum. Workshop participants explore and take home an activity guide featuring ready-made lessons and activities for grades pre-K through 12 and beyond. The activities are hands-on and focus on developing critical thinking, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop skills in questioning strategies, discussion techniques and facilitation group involvement.
  • Learn process and problem-solving techniques for involving others in the study of the environment.
  • Gain skills in collecting, recording, and interpreting environmental data.
  • Conduct field investigations into habitats, plant associations, soil, water and urban areas.
  • Learn simulation games, classification activities and action planning for environmental education.

Participants will receive a workbook with lesson plans for all subjects covered in the workshop plus many other environmental education materials.

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