Workshop Registration Rates & Scheduling

Basic Workshop Per-person Registration Rates:

The following workshop registration rates are to be paid to KACEE (by participants if registering through us, or by your organization if not registering through KACEE) to cover our costs for books & shipping. Any additional expenses (food, materials, facilities, speakers, etc.) beyond the basic registration rates may either be added into your participant registration fees or covered by your organization through sponsorships or grants.

If KACEE is handling your registration, we will retain the basic workshop fees as listed below to cover the cost of books, and reimburse only up to the amount beyond the standard workshop fee that was collected as part of the workshop registration fee. If your organization is handling registration for your workshop, the following fees will be due to KACEE when you order activity guides. 

1 Project: $35 (student/pre-service rate is $30)
2 Projects: $50 (student/pre-service rate is $40)
3 Projects: $75 (student/pre-service rate is $65)
4 Projects: $90 (student/pre-service rate is $80)



Workshop Scheduling:

Workshops may be scheduled to meet participant needs on week days, in-service days, evenings and/or Saturdays, depending on the needs of your organzation and the audience you intend to serve. 

1 Project Workshop: 4-6 hours
2 Project Workshop: 8 hours
3 Project Workshop: 10-12 hours
4 Project Workshop: 16 hours