KACEE's Core Programs

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The Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE) offers a variety of environmental education workshops. The environmental education materials encompass five core programs which provide professional development for teachers and nonformal educators, as well as preservice enhancement for university and college students in education and natural resource fields. Additional programs featuring specific curricula for both early childhood and secondary educators are also available. KACEE serves as the co-sponsor of these programs in partnership with various state agencies. Each program is nationally acclaimed and delivered through workshops of 6 hours or more in length. The programs are interdisciplinary and designed to supplement classroom curricula . Workshop participants explore and take home an activity guide or guides featuring ready-made lessons and activities for grades pre-K through 12 and beyond. The activities are hands-on and focus on developing critical thinking, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Basic Programs for Pre K-Grade 12:

Project Learning Tree

Project Learning Tree (PLT), long recognized as one of the premier environmental education programs in the world, uses the forest and trees as "windows" into the natural and built environments. The PLT activity guide contains activities on topics that include biodiversity, sustainability, and ecosystems and use environmental explorations as ways to engage students in language arts, math, science, and social studies. The activities help students gain awareness of the world around them and their place in it. PLT Energy and Society is the most recent edition and adds energy to the variety of topics addressed in PLT. Project Learning Tree is co-sponsored by the Kansas Forest Service, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and the Kansas Corporation Commission/State Energy Office. Learn more...

Project WET 

Project WET is an exciting water education program which focuses on water related topics including atmospheric, surface, and ground water; water history; chemistry; watersheds; water economics; wetlands; water rights; water conservation; and water stewardship. The topics are explored in engaging, hands-on and creative ways to promote critical thinking, problem solving, and responsible decision making in water related issues. Project WET is the cornerstone for many of the water festivals taking place across the state. Project WET has historically been co-sponsored by the Kansas Water Office / Kansas Water Authority through the State Water Plan fund. Learn more...

Project WILD

Project WILD is an environmental education resource program that helps participants develop an awareness, appreciation and understanding of wildlife. This workshop has a follow-up component to it, Project WILD Aquatic. While Project WILD can be offered alone, it is usually offered in conjunction with its follow-up component, Project WILD Aquatic. Project WILD is co-sponsored by the Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism. Learn more...

Project WILD Aquatic

The importance of water to all forms of life inspired Project WILD Aquatic. It invites us to explore and understand the fascinating world of water and the life it supports. Project WILD Aquatic is co-sponsored by the Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism. Learn more...

Leopold Education Project

The Leopold Education Project (LEP) is an innovative, interdisciplinary, conservation and environmental education activity guide based on the classic writings of the renowned conservationist, Aldo Leopold. These literature-based lessons are correlated to the Kansas State Core Curricular Standards for grades 6-12. KACEE offers the Kansas Edition of the LEP Activity Guide, which includes Kansas-specific background information and resources to connect Kansas learners with local ecosystems. Two additional activity guides, LEP Lessons in GPS Technology (for outdoor exploration using GPS) and LEP Exploring the Outdoors with Aldo Leopold (for non-formal educators) may also be incorporated into specialty workshops.Leopold Education Project is sponsored by KACEE.  Learn more...

Programs for Secondary Educators:

Project Learning Tree Secondary Modules

Secondary modules can be added to a PLT or Combination workshop for $7 each

There are currently eight secondary modules available in the Exploring Environmental Issues series. They include: Focus on Risk; Focus on Forests; Municipal Solid Waste; and The Changing Forest: Forest Ecology; Forests of the World; Places we Live; Biodiversity; and Biotechnology. Participants can have the opportunity to purchase the secondary modules for $7 each at the workshop or the workshop fee can include the additional cost up front. Training in one module allows participants to purchase any other secondary modules. Learn more...

Programs for Early  Childhood Educators:

A full day early childhood workshop offered by KACEE Staff (offering one or both of the programs below) has been approved for 6 KDHE Clock Hours.

PLT: Enviromental Experiences for Early Childhood

PLT's Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood encourages children to explore, discover, and communicate in expressive ways, and provides an introduction to environmental education at a key developmental period in children's lives.Developed with preschool educators and early childhood specialists, the guide is designed for educators who work with children ages 3 to 6. It offers over 130 experiences that engage children in outdoor play and exploration. Topics include exploring nature with five senses, meeting neighborhood trees, and experiencing trees through the seasons. An accompanying CD features music from children's musician Billy B. Brennan that encourages children to sing, dance, and move. Learn more...

Growing Up WILD: Exploring Nature with Young Children

Growing Up WILD: Exploring Nature with Young Children is designed to help educators and caregivers of children ages 3-7 engage young children in activities that encourage exploration of the outdoors. With activities written by educators and wildlife professionals and reviewed by experts in early childhood education, the guide provides an early foundation for developing active, healthy children who appreciate nature and are prepared to enter school with ample learning skills. Growing Up WILD features 27 field-tested, hands-on, nature based activities in a full-color 11”x17” activity guide. Learn more...


All of the programs listed above may be combined into a multi-project basic, specialty, advanced, or custom workshop to meet the needs of workshop partners, sponsors, and participants. 


Specialty, Advanced, and Custom Workshops

The following workshops utilize one or more of the basic programs to deliver a specialized, thematic workshop. Workshop length varies from 6 - 16 hours, and agendas are customized to incorporate site-specific resources and reflect partner priorities. Workshop cost varies with workshop length and level of customization, and custom workshop fees in addition to the basic workshop registration rates may apply. For additional information on specialty & advanced workshops or to request a custom workshop not listed, please contact KACEE staff.

  • Environmental Education for Early Childhood
  • WRAPS Watershed (Basic with Best Management Practices Field Study)
  • Discover a Watershed (Advanced with Canoe Field Study)
  • Project Learning Tree: Energy & Society
  • Flying WILD
  • Science & Civics
  • Environmental Education for Green Schools
  • Kansas School Gardens Curriculum
  • Special Event Presenters and Exhibitors Training (non-formal educators)
  • Curriculum Connections for Outdoor Learning Sites (O.W.L.S., School Gardens, etc.)
  • Dig in to School Gardens (includes online Kansas School Garden Curriculum)
  • Environmental Education for Home School Families
  • Leopold Education Project: Lessons in GPS Technology
  • Make a Splash in Your Community School/Community Partners Workshop
  • Environmental Education for Pre-Service Teachers and Natural Resources Students (discounted rates apply)



Basic Workshop Per-person Registration Rates:


The following workshop registration rates are to be paid to KACEE (by participants if registering through us, or by your organization if not registering through KACEE) to cover our costs for books & shipping. Any additional expenses (food, materials, facilities, speakers, etc.) beyond the basic registration rates may either be added into your participant registration fees or covered by your organization through sponsorships or grants.

If KACEE is handling your registration, we will retain the basic workshop fees as listed below to cover the cost of books, and reimburse only up to the amount beyond the standard workshop fee that was collected as part of the workshop registration fee. If your organization is handling registration for your workshop, the following fees will be due to KACEE when you order activity guides.

1 Project: $35 (student/pre-service rate is $30)
2 Projects: $50 (student/pre-service rate is $40)
3 Projects: $75 (student/pre-service rate is $65)
4 Projects: $90 (student/pre-service rate is $80)

Workshop Scheduling:

Workshops may be scheduled to meet participant needs on week days, in-service days, evenings and/or Saturdays, depending on the needs of your organzation and the audience you intend to serve.

1 Project Workshop: 4-6 hours
2 Project Workshop: 8 hours
3 Project Workshop: 10-12 hours
4 Project Workshop: 16 hours


To view a list of currently scheduled workshops, click here. To learn more about KACEE workshops, or to scheudule a workshop in your area, contact Melissa Arthur, Education Programs & Outreach Director.