Marketing & Promotion

Publicize, publicize, publicize!

You can plan the best workshop in the world, and if it is not publicized and marketed well - no one will know about it! Use KACEE as a resource to assist with publicicity and marketing for your workshops. KACEE can assist with the development of a workshop flyer and registration form (scroll down to see sample forms) and can also send workshop information to the seeker's list, KACEE network, and promote on our website and facebook pages. Click here to view KACEE's current workshop schedule & registration page. Contact KACEE's Education Programs & Outreach Director  for help with marketing and promotion. 

Other strategies for promoting your workshop include:

  • Announcements at meetings
  • Contacts with your local school district
  • Listservs or other electronic bulletin boards
  • Newsletters and websites of area organizations (for example: parks and recreation; nature centers; local Farm Bureau office; etc)
  • Post as an event on Facebook
  • Posters / Flyers posted on community bulletin boards
  • County Conservation Districts and Resource Conservation and Development offices (RC&Ds)
  • News releases in local papers (scroll down to see sample workshop news releases) 
  • Encourage your local papers to send a reporter / photographer to the workshop. Give them a specific time and location that they can interview you and take action shots of the workshop in progress.

Individuals and organizations that might be interested in your workshop include:

  • Teachers and school district resource specialists
  • Boy and Girl Scout Leaders and volunteers
  • Librarians
  • Early childhood educators & care providers
  • City or County Employees
  • Natural Resource Professionals that work with a variety of adult and youth audiences
  • Community Volunteers
  • Farm Bureau Volunteers
  • Watershed / Basin Management Volunteers
  • Youth group leaders
  • Camp or after school program staff

Remember to recognize your workshop partners and sponsors on all of your printed materials, including registration forms, flyers, news releases, and agendas. Include KACEE logo on all promotional materials. 

Despite one's best efforts, there will be times when a workshop does not generate a lot of interest. When conducting workshops, having 12-25 participants is ideal. Workshops can be successful with 30 or more participants, but it is advisable to have additional facilitators to accommodate these larger groups or consider scheduling a second workshop. While the final decision is up to the facilitator, if it appears that there will be fewer than 10 participants, it may be advisable to cancel a workshop and try to reschedule for a later date.