We Need Your Help!

The Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting quality, sound, non-biased environmental education and conservation throughout Kansas. Established in 1969, KACEE has served as the umbrella organization for environmental education in Kansas for over 30 years. The success of the organization is largely due to the ongoing efforts of volunteers.

Over the last few years, KACEE has dramatically increased the number of projects and activities that it sponsors and/or coordinates. Now, more than ever, the success of this organization in reaching it's vision of an environmentally literate Kansas citizenry is dependent on the work of volunteers. By putting your special skills and talents to work for KACEE, you will play a vital role in ensuring that the children of today become the critical thinkers and informed decision-makers of tomorrow.

Benefits of Volunteering for KACEE

As a volunteer for KACEE, most importantly, you will have the opportunity to be actively involved in supporting environmental education in Kansas. Volunteers can also expect the following benefits:

  • Skills Enhancement / Professional Development - As an active volunteer, you will have opportunities to practice and put your special skills to work. Whether that be public relations, communications or facilitation, as a volunteer you will have numerous opportunities to practice and refine those skills, assist others in enhancing skills and learn from those you work with.
  • Networking and Contacts - KACEE has more than 197 organizational members and more than 267 individual members from diverse backgrounds. You will meet others who share your interests and work in related fields as you volunteer.
  • Opportunities to Become Better Informed - As a KACEE volunteer, you will be more involved in the day to day operations of KACEE and be better informed about issues and events that effect environmental education.

Opportunities to Get Involved In KACEE as a Volunteer

Fund Development

  • Work as a part of a team that identifies prospective funders, makes initial contacts, provides potential funders with background information about KACEE, makes follow-up contacts and works towards gaining potential funders support either monetarily or with contributed goods and services.
  • Assist in researching possible grant opportunities and writing grants for funding.
  • Assist in writing grants for funding.


  • Assist in transporting, setting up, and/or staffing our display at statewide conferences.
  • Assist in making presentations at professional meetings and conferences about KACEE programs, materials and activities.
  • Promote area workshops by organizing publicity directed toward schools, agencies and organizations. This could involve writing press releases, calling radio stations that offer free announcements to non- profits, distributing flyers to area schools, and/or contacting area agencies and organizations via mail, email or phone, etc.
  • Assist in developing a brochure that could be used to promote KACEE to one or more of the following targeted audiences:
  • Business and Industry
  • Formal and Non-Formal Educators
  • General Public
  • Write and distribute press releases for KACEE sponsored events and activities as needed.

Environmental Education Programs

  • Initiate, coordinate and organize Project Learning Tree, WET, WILD, WILD  Aquatic and Leopold Education Project (LEP)  Workshops in your area. (NOTE: Under served areas such as western Kansas are a priority.)
  • Contact school building/district administrators to offer PLT/WET/WILD/Aquatic/LEP Workshops as possibilities for teacher inservice day activities.
  • Facilitate Project Learning Tree, WET, WILD, Aquatic and/or LEP Workshops in your area. (NOTE: Must have attended IYE and project workshop to facilitate.)
  • Facilitate IYE Workshops.
  • Editor of a KACEE Facilitator Newsletter (publish 2-4 times a year).

Special Projects

  • Serve on the conference committee to plan for the next environmental education conference.
  • Become a member of a writing team to correlate the state core curricular standards to PLT, WET, WILD, Aquatic, LEP and IYE in the following areas:
    • Reading/Writing
    • Math
    • Science
    • Social Studies

Other Ways to Become Involved

  • Attend KACEE meetings.  (See Calendar)
  • Make a presentation at a KACEE meeting.
  • Tell your friends and colleagues about KACEE, encourage them to become members.
  • Recruit others who you think would make great volunteers, get them involved.
  • Contribute articles to the KACEE News.
  • Present or exhibit at the Kansas Environmental Education Conference (KEEC).
  • Volunteer your time for general office assistance at our Manhattan Office.

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