Water Festivals

A water celebration is an educational, interactive, and fun event that will increase awareness and appreciation of local water resources and issues.


Water celebrations are an effective educational tool because they involve local citizens in a water education experience that addresses locally important water resources and issues.

KACEE offers several resources to assist you in connecting with established water education events in your area, or developing a new water celebration event to serve the water education needs of your local school district or community:

  • Project WET and Wild Aquatic: Focus on Festivals Workshops for teachers and presenters
  • Technical support for water celebration planning (help finding funds, partners, activities, and other resources to make your event a success)
  • Water Celebration Resource Guide compiling field-tested tips, templates, and activities for water festivals (scroll down to download PDF)
  • Events & Festivals for Green Schools power point presentation (scroll down to download)
  • Water Festival Activities: A sampling of activity ideas adapted for the water festival (scroll down to download PDFs)

Contact KACEE for more information.