2-3 Months Ahead

Define Workshop Objectives & Explore Ideas

  • Meet with workshop partners to outline overall workshop goals, objectives, available resources and constraints
  • Brainstorm preliminary ideas for activities, field studies, guest speakers, and resources to include in agenda

Sometimes, a short meeting phone call or email can get your planning jumpstarted! Talk with your workshop partners about their overall goals, brainstorm ideas, and identify any limiting factors. Develop strategies for dealing with constraints, making the most of local resources, and for meeting the workshop goals and objectives. If this proves difficult, please rely on the experiences of other facilitators within the network and KACEE staff to assist you. You will also want to determine what, if any, additional materials or support people you will need for your workshop.

Decide if Credit will be Offered

  • For workshops 16 hours or more in length, determine if a graduate credit can be offered
  • For early childhood workshops, determine if clock hours or CEUs will be offered
  • Contact KACEE’s Office Manager for credit requirements & application process

If you intend to offer to credit for the workshop, now is the time to work with the college or agency through which the credit will be offered to prepare a syllabus and develop requirements for credit. In order to offer credit, universities have strict deadlines and guidelines for instructor qualifications, number of contact hours, and evaluation criteria. A KACEE Staff member must co-facilitate all workshops offering graduate credit through KACEE & Baker University.

Develop and Distribute Registration Forms

  • Develop a form that includes workshop information and registration (or request assistance with form from KACEE)
  • If your workshop is open, and you want to recruit participants outside of your organization, KACEE will post forms and develop online registration

Click Here to view sample registration forms.

Publicize, Promote and Market

Click Here for workshop promotion tips and resources.