Our Mission and Vision


The Kansas Association for the Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE) promotes and provides effective, non-biased and science-based environmental education to all Kansans (revised, 2002).


KACEE's vision is an environmentally literate Kansas citizenry, with KACEE as the recognized leader of the state's conservation and environmental education network.


  • To serve as a medium for the exchange of information among member agencies and organizations interested or working in environmental and resource-use education.
  • To provide a medium through which programs may be cooperatively developed to promote and encourage the teaching of an understanding of the environment and responsible us e of resources.
  • To serve through and Executive Committee as an advisory council to the Kansas State Board of Education.


  • Problem-solving skills for responsible decision-making.
  • A positive attitude toward conservation and the proper utilization of natural resources.
  • An understanding of the social and economic implications of environmental issues.
  • An appreciation for the environment.
  • Knowledge of the basic concepts of ecology.

KACEE Strategic Plan