Partner Organizations & Resources

Workshop Partner Organizations

  • County Conservation Districts can often provide displays and activities focusing on soil conservation, water quality, and other topics. Contact the District Manager at your county's conservation district office.
  • Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE)  can provide a variety of resources through their website, educational programs, and services. Visit the KACEE Staff Directory  for a contact list.
  • Kansas Green Schools Program provides educational opportunities for preK-12 schools that increase awareness and understanding of environmental interrelationships that impact public health and our society, and that promote responsible environmental stewardship practices. The Green Schools Partners Program is a network of businesses and organizations that have agreed to offer resources and services to green schools. Scoll down to download a handout for schools about how to enroll in the Green Schools network. 
  • Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) - KDHE has several departments that can provide information and education. Start with the Bureau of Water Watershed Management Section, the Bureau of Air Outreach & Education, or the Bureau of Waste Management.
  • Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) has a variety of educational resources including wildlife, conservation, and recreation. Local office contacts and a list of educational resources can be found on their website.
  • KSU Research and Extension serves all 105 counties, and can provide information on a wide variety of topics. Visit their website for local contact information. Extension offices offer a variety of free publications.
  • Local Government . Contact your local city or county offices to provide a display or activity. Several departments may be interested in participating: County Health Department, Municipal or County Public Works (Drinking Water, Wastewater, Stormwater), Parks & Recreation, etc. City, State, and national parks often have excellent workshop facilities.
  • Local Nature Centers, Museums, and Zoological Parks often have educational programs and will provide exhibits or activities.
  • Local Watershed Organizations Find out if you have a watershed or water quality protection organization in your area!
  • United States EPA, Region 7  has a variety of resources with information about watersheds, water quality, wetlands, and other topics. Kansas is served by the EPA Region 7 office.
  • National Wildlife Federation - National Wildlife Federation offers a variety of resources and also provides a diversity of volunteer opportunities.
  • US Army Corps of Engineers manages large tracts of land, particularly around Kansas Reservoirs, and can be a resource for information about natural resource management.
  • Local Businesses Many local businesses in Kansas that provide equipment for outdoor recreation have associated education resources. If you know of a camping & outdoor store, garden center, bird feeding store, or other outdoor recreation outfitter you may be able to receive donations, supplies, and educational publications at a reduced cost for your workshops in return for promoting the business.
  • County Farm Bureaus often have presentations already developed for water and other conservation-oriented events. Contact the Farm Bureau office in your county for more information.
  • Girl Scout Councils have an interest in training leaders and often have facilitites available for workshops.
  • Boy Scouts of America have an interest in training leaders and often have facilities available for workshops.
  • Child Care Aware of Kansas is the state network that supports seven child care resource and referral member agencies who serve all 105 counties in Kansas. Formerly KACCRRA, Childcare Aware of Kansas is in a unique position within communities to work with families, child care providers as well as state and local governments to strengthen early childhood education programs.