Materials Management

Tips for Organizing Activity Materials and Supplies

  • Assemble a basic workshop materials kit to include supplies you most commonly use (scroll down to download a sample workshop kit materials list). For your most frequently used activities, consider building activity-specific kits.
  • Review materials lists carefully when selecting activties for your agenda to ensure that your workshop's materials needs will match your budget and timeframe.
  • Remember that workshop participants are most likely to use the activities they have experienced as part of a workshop, and classroom budgets are tight! Consider what materials may be readily available and/or easily accessible for your participants when selecting activities.
  • Plan ahead for special orders to avoid extra shipping costs and pre-workshop anxiety.
  • Remember to reduce, reuse and recycle activity materials as much as possible. Sometimes you will need to purchase activity supplies on a budget, or include an activity that requires a lot of materials, but try to model conservation practices whenever possible. Creating unneccesary waste or over-consuming natural resources in demonstrating a conservation or environmental education activity could diminish your credibility. Educators notice when you're not walking your talk, and their students will too!

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