Ice Breakers

Ice Breaker Ideas to Get You Started

While participants often grumble at the mention of an ice-breaker activity, the right ice breaker can go a long way toward setting a positive, collaborative, and participatory tone for your workshop. The "Project" books contain several activities that work well for ice-breakers if your approach is to squeeze in as many activities as possible. Often, facilitators will create ice-breaker activities of their own, or borrow ideas from workshops they have attended. Below, see examples of project activity ideas and choose an ice-breaker that best fits your workshop objectives.

Example Ice Breakers from the Project Guides

  • Project WET: Sum of the Parts (use candy to represent pollution, different kinds for point and non-point)
  • Project Learning Tree: Viewpoints on the Line (scroll down to download adaptations for solid waste, water, energy, and school gardens)
  • Project WILD: Aquatic: Are You Me?
  • Project WILD: Habitat Lap Sit
  • Leopold Education Project: January Thaw (Engage: What Happened Here?)
  • Growing Up WILD: Grow As We Go
  • PLT Early Childhood: Sounds Around
  • Discover a Watershed: One River Many Voices