3-4 Months Ahead

Workshop is Requested or Recruited

  • Workshop idea initiated by faciliatator, workshop partner, or KACEE Staff
  • KACEE Staff and workshop facilitator work together to develop a workshop plan (see sample below)

As a facilitator, you may choose to initiate a workshop based on the needs of one of your contacts or you may be contacted by KACEE's Education Programs & Outreach Director with a request for you to facilitate (or co-facilitate) a workshop being scheduled in your area. In either case, KACEE's Education Programs and Outreach Director is available to answer any initial questions and help you outline a workshop plan that meets your needs and accomplishes your objectives.

Select Appropriate Projects

Select the project(s) based on the needs of the individuals or organizations requesting the workshop, as well as your objectives for facilitating the workshop.

Choose and Contact Co-faciliatator(s)

  • Decide if you need or want to bring in a co-facilitator to help with the workshop
  • Contact potential co-facilitator(s) and involve them in workshop planning as early as possible

KACEE can suggest possible co-facilitators if you need help.

Set Date, Time, Location & Workshop Registration Fee

  • Consult workshop partners and potential participants to select the most convenient date & time
  • Research and reserve a workshop facility appropriate for your needs and convenient for participants
  • Determine your workshop registration fee (include KACEE's basic registration rate and add your costs for travel, snacks, meals, facilities, etc. if not covered by another sponsor)

Consult the KACEE Workshop Menu for basic registration rates and time guidelines for workshop scheduling.

Click here to download a list of workshop facility ideas.