Wyandotte County Water Rally

Established 2003

General Information: 

Serves Wyandotte County, school based third grades through fifth grades, 700-1000 students

Next Celebration Date: 
April 16, 2009

April 16th and 17th
2009 Water Rally

VIP tour available?: 

Cheri Miller
Wyandotte County Conservation District Manager
(913) 334-6329

Festival Activities: 

Rain Barrels / Rain Gardens, Sawmill Tree Health, Enviroscape, Terrariums , Long Haul (Project WET), Incredible Journey (Project WET), Waterfowl, Watershed Health, Livestock Management, Streamtrailer, Water Jeopardy, Macro Invertebrates Mayhem. Park Ranger Job, Composting, Water Safety HAZMAT Truck, Milk Weed Wetlands, Where Does Our Drinking Water Come From?, Water Monitoring Water Testing, Across The Stream, native fish

Detailed Festival Information: 

The Wyandotte County Conservation Districts Water Rally is an all day festival with interactive programs designed to engage and enlighten students and teachers alike about the environment, while of course having fun at a great Camp.

Students begin the festival by receiving their own festival backpack and water bottle (we are an outside rain or shine event) to help them carry out more then what they carried in. Student groups are guided by a leader to their scheduled presenters for six to eight twenty minute activities. During their lunch break students also enjoy a large group presentation either of wildlife or a special eco-performer. By the end of the day Students go home with backpacks full of materials, minds full of new ideas and memories to share with their families and friends.

Our greatest success is just getting the countys largely urban students to an outdoor learning environment, not just a playground. The ability to maintain students inertest in learning by providing hands-on experiences not just speakers during their time with us leaves a lasting impression.

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