WABCO Wet & Wild

Established 2004

General Information: 

School based with average # 180 students, Wabaunsee County

Next Celebration Date: 
April 15, 2010
VIP tour available?: 

Tom Watkins
Wabaunsee County Conservation District
(785) 765-3836 ext 105

Festival Activities: 

Varies year to year.

Detailed Festival Information: 

Festival started from a desire of the conservation district employees to expose the youth of the county to the needs and responsibility of protecting and conserving our natural resource, especially water.

We have had 100% participation of the 3rd and 4th Grade students and teachers each year. The event has grown each year with positive feed back from teachers as well as the community. The event has the backing of the County Commissioners.

Challenges have been few and far between because of upfront planning and support of the school district administrators. Teachers are part of the planning committee. Early planning to meet all participants schedules is important.

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