Valley Heights Water Celebration

Established 2005

General Information: 

Marshall County, School-based, 40 students, 19 volunteers.

VIP tour available?: 

The Groundwater Foundation

Katie McClellan
Valley Heights Public Schools

Festival Activities: 

The Incredible Journey, Edible Earth Parfaits, Groundwater Graffiti, Migration Headache, The River, The Thunderstorm, Water Math, Water Races

Detailed Festival Information: 

The VHWC started through a group of citizens in Blue Rapids Kansas with was interested in providing water education to the youth in their community. Members of this group known as the Valley Heights Water Celebration Committee (VHWCC) attended a KACEE Water Celebration Workshop and then began working with The Groundwater Foundation in planning the first celebration. It is the hope of the VHWCC that water celebrations will become an annual event and continue to build a greater understanding in the local youth of the importance of water in their community and how they can become water stewards both as individuals and as community members.

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