Twin Lakes Water Festival

Established 2005

General Information: 

School based 5 counties, Morris, Chase, Geary, Dickinson, Wabaunsee 1,000 students

Next Celebration Date: 
September 24, 2008
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Katie Miller
Twin Lakes Water Festival
(620) 767-5111 ext. 110

Festival Activities: 

No New Water, Gooey Garbage, Old Water, Money Down the Drain, H2Olympics, Reaching Your Limits
Fish Bottle, Incredible Journey, Kansas Wildlife, Aquatic Herpetology, Just Passing Through, Soil Olympics 2, Soil Olympics, Long Haul, Wildfire Prevention, Sum of the Parts, A-maze-ing Water, Macroinvertebrate Mayhem, Thunderstorm, Capture, Store & Release, Molecules in Motion, Tree ID, Common Water, Mudscape, A Grave Mistake, Fresh Water Mussels, Native Plant ID, Water in Motion, Get the Groundwater Picture, Water Safety, Water Meter, Water Works

Detailed Festival Information: 

After attending water celebrations in Grand Island, NE and Topeka, the Twin Lakes Water Quality Project became convinced that a water celebration was needed in this area. With the focus of the Twin Lakes Project being the protection and preservation of water quality, we seemed like a natural fit to host a water festival.
A steering committee for the Twin Lakes Water Festival was established, and a year later, the first annual Twin Lakes Water Festival was held with great success.

Our festival was a success due to such intense planning and a fantastic committee that dove in and did their part. Our festival is unique because it is aesthetically pleasing due to its beautiful location its held at the Council Grove Lake. Although our site is not conducive to inclimate weather, we wouldnt dream of having it anywhere else. Just the atmosphere alone, with nature and water and the environment practically engulfing you, the location helps deliver all of the messages that we are trying to convey: to protect and preserve our natural resources. We have also made our festival totally accessible and we meet every need of any special needs participants. We have golf carts available to every special needs participant for their use if they so choose, to get from station to station.

There are 3 main challenges that we have and probably will continue to face:

  1. We service the Ft. Riley area, and with the continual growth of the base, the schools never know what their enrollment numbers will be until a month before the event. This is challenging when trying to plan for space and order supplies.
  2. Getting buy-in from sponsors. With last year being our first year, I believe that many approached businesses and organizations were skeptical of our festival. Hopefully, the longer the festival continues and the more publicity we receive, the more sponsorship we will receive.
  3. Watering the participants! We provide snacks and 2 water bottles to the participants of the event. Wanting to keep the water cold as long as possible (since it reached 96 degrees), we tried to distribute the water to participants when they were at certain activity stations throughout the day. This was a challenge, as not all presenters (who were to hand out the water) understood their directions, or didnt do it at the right time, leaving some classes without water when scheduled, causing a chain reaction of classes and stations running out of water. We did have enough, but distributing it was the challenge. However, within an hour, all participants had their water. This year, we will have several mini parks that will be self-sufficient and contained and will host 7-8 classes. Water will be available at each station, and more will be on hand at the center of the mini park, making it close for restocking.

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