Quad County Water Festival

Water Off A Duck's Back

Long Haul

Stream Model Trailer

Rainfall Simulator

Crystal Clear Raindrop

Established 2004

General Information: 

School based, 300 students, Elk, Greenwood, Wilson, Woodson.

Next Celebration Date: 
September 16, 2010

To be held at the Woodson County Fairgrounds in Yates Center, Kansas.

VIP tour available?: 

Robin Jackson
Elk County Conservation District
(620) 374-2511

Festival Activities: 

25 minute hands on sessions educating students about the importance of water quality and conservation. Stations: Incredible Journey, Long Haul, Gooey Garbage, Enviroscape, No Water Off A Ducks Back, Water Quality Hopscotch, Rainfall Simulator, and Stream Model Trailer.

Detailed Festival Information: 

After attending the first Water Festival Training session in Topeka a small group was organized to discuss the possibility of organizing a festival in our area. Due to financial concerns we decided to combine 4 conservation districts and form an annual festival that would include 3rd graders from all four counties. Planning began in late 2003 and our first Quad County Water Festival was held in September 2004.

Our success depends on our volunteers. Without our 40-50 volunteers, the festival would not be possible.

Feedback from teachers and volunteers after the event is helpful.

Planning Team:
Lexie Beiring, Greenwood County Conservation District
Robin Jackson, Elk County Conservation District
Gina Thompson, Wilson County Conservation District
Gail Thornbrugh, Woodson County Conservation District

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