Missouri River Watershed Festival

Established 2002

General Information: 

School (grades 5-8), 1000 participants
Serving Kansas City Metropolitan Region. Wyandotte, Johnson & Leavenworth Counties in Kansas and Jackson, Clay, Cass, Platte, Ray and Johnson Counties in Missouri

Next Celebration Date: 
October 5, 2007

This year's Missouri River Watershed Festival
is October 5th, 9am-1pm in Kansas City, Kansas
at Kaw Point Park, where the Kansas and
Missouri Rivers meet.

The river cleanup is Saturday the 6th.
There is no art barrel contest this year.

VIP tour available?: 

Larry O'Donnell
Little Blue River Watershed Coalition

Festival Activities: 

Over the last few years, the Friday Educational Event has become a regular forerunner for the Saturday River Clean-Up. Topics typically include fishing and casting, aquatic insect, snakes, bottomland wildflowers, groundwater Flow, federal fish and wildlife law enforcement, and navigating the Missouri River Indian Style!

The Festival features exhibitors from around the metropolitan area conducting hands-on, interactive activities with a focus on watershed literacy, non-point source education, riparian stewardship and river health. These groups provide avenues for students and the community to get involved beyond the festival through ongoing stewardship projects. Presentations are interactive, informative, educational and entertaining.

Detailed Festival Information: 

The Missouri River Watershed Festival is a 2-state, 7-county, Metro KC regional event, sponsored by the MO River Watershed Festival Committee and the Little Blue River Watershed Coalition. The Missouri River Watershed Festival fosters awareness and elicits behavioral changes in youth regarding non-point source pollution (NPS) throughout the Metropolitan Kansas City region.

The Missouri River Watershed Festival goals are to:

  • Educate participants about NPS pollution
  • Emphasize behavior changes by demonstrating how an action in one part of the watershed can affect the entire region
  • Demonstrate how critical thinking in system analysis can lead to effective problem solving and decision making
  • Teach about widespread repercussions of individual actions and allow the participants to apply these concepts to many aspects of their daily lives
  • Improve participants potential to become effective, critical thinking members of society who will pass these values on to peers and offspring; thereby, establishing a sustainable environmental ethic

The Missouri River Watershed Festival is a unique gathering of participants from 2 states and 7 counties and numerous cities. The event works hard to further the understanding that watersheds, pollution and stormwater management are regional issues and not limited by political boundaries.

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