Jefferson West Intermediate Science Festival

Established 2006

General Information: 

School-based All 4th & 5th graders at Jefferson West Intermediate School
Jefferson County

Next Celebration Date: 
September 29, 2006
VIP tour available?: 

Jody Lockhart
Jefferson West School
Ozawkie, KS

Festival Activities: 

The students traveled to various 20 minute presentations using a study guide with questions to fill out during the presentation.

Each grade level was required to visit the Exhibit Hall for various activities.

The students were also evaluated on their participation, questioning and manners.

    Activity Presenters
  • Chris Mammoliti- Life cycles of fresh water mussels
  • Mary Getto- Plant adaptations and their use to meet basic needs within their environment
  • Barb Slimmer and Karolyn Conaway- 3 layers of the Earth and the forces that change its surface
  • Melissa Arthur- Water and its properties
  • John Heston- Water pollution
  • Katie Mitchell- States of matter and its properties
  • Rena Kilgore and Rebecca Bradley- Animal adaptations along with cells, organs, tissues and systems
  • Jenna Petesch and Levi Campbell- Food chains and webs
    The Exhibit Hall (Hands on activities)
  • Animal Puzzle
  • Human Bubbles
  • Mouse Maze
  • Simple Circuits
  • Magnets
  • Science Jeopardy
  • Science Word Search
  • Thank You Cards
  • Microscopes with Tissues and Organs
  • Pig Heart and Lungs
  • Dissection of Pregnant Rats
  • Mentos and Coke
  • Bubble Painting
  • Leaf Painting
Detailed Festival Information: 

The Water Festival/Science Day was made possible through a grant from a former educator and available to teachers in the seven schools of the Northeast Kansas Education Service Center consortium. The total amount of funding provided was $500.00. The money was used to provide supplies, breakfast, and lunch for all presenters and volunteers. It also provided a substitute for two days of event organization.

The goal of the project was to provide hands on science activities for both 4th and 5th graders to participate in. We hoped that students would be able to learn about 6-7 science outcomes for each grade level. With the help of Rena Kilgore and Gary Satter of Glacial Hills Conservation, outcomes were chosen, activities were planned, and presenters were contacted to participate.

Because of the generosity of many people, the science day was a great success.

All in all, we enlisted the aid of over 50 school and community volunteers.

A total of 15 fourth and fifth grade outcomes were covered.

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