E.A.R.T.H. Festival Riley County

Established 2006

General Information: 

School based, 92 participants, Riley County

Next Celebration Date: 
April 16, 2008
VIP tour available?: 

Brandy Bruna
Riley County Extension
(785) 537-6350

Festival Activities: 

Air Quiz Bowl, Edible Aquifer, Stream Bank Trailer, StreamLink Mudscapes,Water Jeopardy, Making Recycled Notebooks, Air Pollution, The Incredible Journey

Detailed Festival Information: 

The E.A.R.T.H. program is designed to make students aware of environmental issues and give them tools they can use to identify, prevent, or solve environmental problems. Students who have acquired skills and knowledge during their participation in E.A.R.T.H. will be more capable of taking appropriate action in areas of environmental protection now and in the future.

Our annual EARTH student workshop in held in April at the Riley County Fairgrounds. This is considered the celebration for participating in the EARTH project during the school year. The workshop allows students to apply their classroom skills to real-world challenges. At the Workshop, local environmental experts present hands-on sessions based on local environmental issues. Students are able to become active participants in their community and environment.

Earth Awareness Researchers for Tomorrows Habitat (E.A.R.T.H.) began after a visit to the EARTH student workshop in Sedgwick County. We were excited by what we saw and after meeting with teachers and other educators, the EARTH program began in January 2006. We had our first EARTH workshop in May 2006.

Things went fairly smoothly at our first workshop, but we also learned lots along the way that will make next years workshop even more successful. Set your date for your workshop in the fall. This allows you to send out invitations to individuals and organizations to be workshop presenters early. Their calendars fill up quickly, as we learned! If this is your first year to do a celebration, go to other water celebrations and talk with their organizers. You can learn lots that will make your celebration more successful. Recruit volunteers to help come up with possible presenters, help with set up, etc because hopefully we will have a larger number of school/students at next years workshop and the more help more smoothly it goes. Check various school schedules to make sure your workshop or celebration does not conflict with finals, state testing, field days, etc.

Financial assistance for this project has been provided by an EPA-Section 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Grant C9007405 99(3889 9591) through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment in cooperation with Kansas State Research and Extension.

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