Clay County Water Festival


Fast Lane

Sink or Float


Established 2004

General Information: 

Held outdoors at the North Timber Creek area at Milford Reservoir, we are at the mercy of the weather, but have found early October to be a favorable time of year. With each year of experience, the event becomes a little easier to plan and set-up. Finding presenters for the stations has not been difficult. We draw on natural resource agencies (NRCS, Wildlife & Parks, Corps of Engineers) in the area as well as community volunteers. Retired and/or former teachers have been a good source of assistance. We provide a workbook for the students with one or two pages about each activity station and some other water-related information and activities. This has been well received. Overall, the water festival is an event that the teachers, students and presenters look forward to and enjoy every year.

Next Celebration Date: 
October 3, 2008
VIP tour available?: 
On request

Tom Meek
Clay County Conservation District

Festival Activities: 

Following the initial community based festival in 2004, our water festival has evolved into an event for all 4th Grade students in Clay County, involving 3 schools. Students are divided into groups of 12-15 and rotate through 8 different activity stations with about 25 minutes allowed for each station. Project WET activities (H2Olympics, Life in the Fast Lane, The Incredible Journey, The Long Haul and Water Crossings) have been used successfully, along with our own presentations featuring the stream trailer, enviroscape, water safety and duck calls!
The first event was organized with a Lewis & Clark theme and similar types of activities.

Detailed Festival Information: 

A group project from a Kansas Environmental Leadership Program class gave me some exposure to organizing a water festival. Attending KACEEs events gave me the confidence to go ahead and try it.

We have been successful at attracting participants and offering a good program.

We have taken advantage of a captive audience by holding the festival in conjunction with another community event and then, in response to teachers who attended the first event, by changing to a school based event for 4th grade students.

Our programming successes are due to wonderful cooperation from partner agencies and community volunteers.

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