City of Ellis Water Conservation Festival

General Information: 

Community based 600 participants
Serving Ellis County

Next Celebration Date: 
March 30, 2007

3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Ellis High School, 1706 Monroe, Ellis, KS 67637

VIP tour available?: 

Mary Jo Walz
City of Ellis

Festival Activities: 

Raging Headwaters, Pass the Jug, Blue Traveler, Edible Aquifer, Enviroscape, Oil & Water Dont Mix, Rainfall Simulator, Bottle Fish, Water Sampling/testing at big creek, Wind Game, Air Painting, Pollution in the Rain, Bucket Brigade, Water Jeopardy, Plant a Buffer, Orange Cup Bird Feeders, Water Puddle Pictures

Detailed Festival Information: 

Stacie Minson, a KSU Watershed Specialist, presented the idea of the water festival at a city council meeting by engaging city council members in 2 hands-on activities. Several residents from the community were present at the meeting, and they enjoyed seeing the mayor and council members so willing and eager to participate. Several city council members and staff will volunteer and/or present at the festival. Involving the city staff and governing body enforces the real value and importance of water conservation and protection to the community instead of just giving it lip service.

The goal of this event is to teach about water conservation and water quality. The City of Ellis is experiencing a severe drought and is in need of a new drinking water treatment facility. The City of Ellis wants to be a friendly government, and hopes to provide an educational experience for residents on the importance of conserving water for consumption. By making this a family event, the youth will have an impact on the parents and vice-versa on how it takes everyone doing their part to protect and conserve water.

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