Atchison Missouri River Education Day & Cleanup Day

Established 2006

General Information: 

The education event is a community based project that includes students from throughout Atchison County in grades 5-7, approximately 632 students. The exhibitors will include students from Atchison High School, Benedictine College, and numerous local and state agencies. The Cleanup Day will include volunteers from throughout the Atchison County area and many state agencies.

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Next Celebration Date: 
September 8, 2007

Fall Clean-up
8:00 a.m. registration
Santa Fe Depot, Atchison KS

VIP tour available?: 

Maria Miller, Projects Coordinator at the Atchison Area Chamber of Commerce and Curtis Wheeler, Chair of the Atchison Beautification Council. Along with help from the Atchison Beautification Counci
Atchison Area Chamber of Commerce

Festival Activities: 

Avast there, shipmate! The Atchison Chamber of Commerce Beautification Council is getting ready to set out on a River Education Voyage, In search ofTreasures of the Muddy MO!!

The students will discover that the treasure is the Missouri River itself. This year instead of passports the student booklets will be called treasure maps. Each answer they learn from the different exhibitors will lead them a step closer to discovering the treasure! Behold the scenario below.

Welcome to Atchison, Kansas; 1854.

Quartermaster Long John Silver welcomes you as he returns to Treasure Island. He has invited pirates from all over the world to join him in the city of Atchison in search ofTreasures of the Muddy MO before setting off to Treasure Island! Pirates as notorious as Sr. Henry Morgan, Mary Read, Calico Jack Rackham and Black Bart have responded to this "opportunity"; however, there are always more opportunities when you are a pirate.

Long John Silver hears there is a great treasure in Atchison and he is determined to be the first to discover it, as he believes it will be so great that it will fund his return to Treasure Island.

Henry Morgan is known for his ingenuity and will do what he feels necessary so no one can stand in his way of wealth. Mary Read has many secrets, and Calico Jack is very much an outside-the-box-pirate, who has his own way of running the show.

Will the pirates take the opportunity and work with Long John Silver, or will they find their own opportunity to steal the treasure? Will the effort piracy takes be worth the ultimate gain? Does every pirate have a black heart, or is there a hero somewhere in the scurry lot?

Quartermaster Long John Silver invites you to join him at the Atchison Kansas River Education Day to find out-what say we drop anchor a whiles and explore?

The Atchison Missouri River Education Day will be held on Friday, September 7, from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Our hope is to have at 20 educational stations provided by educators, high school and college students, community groups, businesses and organizations. We would like each station to have a question that involves the Missouri river that students can answer after visiting the station. The questions can center around anything that affects the community or the Missouri River. School groups will spend a hands-on day learning about the importance of the river, fish and wildlife, history, recycling, watersheds and stewardship. Our project goal is to provide students with hands-on experience to better understand the importance of the river in their lives and in their community.

Detailed Festival Information: 

The Atchison Beautification Council, a sub-committee of the Atchison Chamber of Commerce, conducts cleaning of the community of Atchison each fall and spring. After a successful Education Day in 2006 the council has decided to continue having this complimentary activity along with the fall Clean-Up, to provide students with hands-on experience to better understand the importance of the Missouri River in their lives and in their community.

The Beautification Councils mission is to assist and encourage the citizens of Atchison County to work together to improve the appearance of the Atchison Area. Some goals of the council include organizing two major clean-up projects during the year and to educate residents in keeping the community clean and involve citizens in taking pride in their community. These events are county-wide projects that include volunteers from the business sector, the education community, the private sector, and multiple agencies and groups. It is truly a community event.

The Beautification Council hopes that the Missouri River Education Day will help to build a greater understanding in the local youth of the importance of the river in their lives and in their community. The Council hopes to teach the youth to become better stewards of the river and of their community, and preserve it for generations to come.

This is the second time the Atchison community has held a Missouri River Education Day. Last year the council hoped after hosting the event the community would see how inspiring, fun and educational the day is for the volunteers, exhibitors and especially the children. I know that they have because thanks to their help we will be able to fund this event this year.

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