Reporting & Documentation

Facilitator Reporting & Workshop Documentation

It is requested that facilitators send in workshop documentation to the KACEE office within two weeks of a workshop, although it is recognized that this may not always be possible. However, by having documentation submitted in a timely fashion, KACEE is able to more accurately complete its reports to the national Project WET, Project WILD, Project WILD Aquatic, and Project Learning Tree offices and to KACEE's program partners; it helps staff track completion of contract deliverables; it ensures that checks are deposited in a timely fashion; and invoices are submitted quickly.

When submitting workshop documentation, please remember to include:

• Workshop agenda
• Workshop flyer or any other items used to publicize the workshop (press release, etc.)
• Digital photographs for KACEE to include in promotional materials (you may need a photo release)
• *Sign-in sheets
• *Facilitator Reporting Form
• *Participant surveys (one per participant)
• *Expense reimbursement form
• Checks made out to KACEE
• Copies of any invoices sent by facilitator or include information on the reporting form for those individuals or   organizations that KACEE needs to invoice

*Download these forms below.

It is important to accurately and completely fill out the Facilitator Reporting Form. This form is used to provide documentation to the national project offices, for internal accounting at KACEE, to prepare reports for sponsors, and to complete various proposals for funding and support. Your diligence and assistance will help us tremendously. The two-page facilitator's report should be completed for each workshop you conduct.

If you are offering the workshop for credit (graduate credit through Baker, KDHE Clock Hours, CEUs, etc.) you will need additional forms and/or certificates of completion. Contact KACEE's Office Manager for these documents, which are workshop-specific.

If you need assistance with or have any questions about the workshop documentation process, please contact KACEE's Office Manager