Day of Workshop

Arrive Early to Workshop & Make Participants Feel Welcome 

  • Be at workshop a minimum of 45 minutes to one hour before the start time
  • Unload vehicle and prepare for workshop (get activities’ supplies set up/organized)
  • Set up sign-in sheet and name tags first thing
  • Be sure to greet participants as they come in and make them feel welcome
  • If someone arrives early, simply tell them to make themselves at home while you finish preparing for the workshop, or enlist their help if they are willing

Have a registration table near the door for participants as they arrive. Provide them with an agenda and a nametag. This also gives you opportunity to collect workshop fees from those that haven't paid or get invoice information.

Collect Registration Fees & Credit Forms

  • Collect registration fees from participants who have not yet paid
  • Collect forms and payment for graduate credit

It is generally recommended to discuss payment with participants prior to the workshop so that you know who will need invoices.

Conduct the Workshop

  • Be prepared with good reminder notes/outline of the workshop
  • Use an icebreaker, have participants wear nametags, and be sure they get to move around
  • Hand out agendas first thing and books after lunch

Many project activities can be modified for use as an icebreaker. Give participants a workshop agenda first thing so they know what to expect, but don't hand out the books until later in the day. Once the participants have their books, their attention may be diverted from the activities to the book.

Fill Out Necessary Paperwork

  • Participants fill out all necessary forms while at the workshop (sign-in sheet, evaluations, and if necessary college credit forms) Download workshop paperwork below.
  • Collect all paperwork
  • If clock hours offered, distribute certificates at the end