After Workshop

Turn in Workshop Documentation

  • Fill out facilitator reporting form and attach an agenda, sign-in sheets, and evaluations
  • Turn in registration money collected during workshop
  • Fill out and return facilitator reimbursement form for any additional expenses included in registration fee
  • Facilitator(s) turn all documentation in to KACEE's Office Manager (no later than 2 weeks after workshop)

 Download workshop paperwork below 

Self Evaluate & Provide Feedback

  • Review workshop evaluations. What went well, what could you improve for next time?
  • Follow up with KACEE Education Staff if additional support or resources are needed

Follow Up With Participants

  • Send an email (download example below) to thank participants for coming to your workshop
  • Offer additional assistance with using the skills and activities they gained at the workshop
  • Provide additional information about KACEE, and about your organization, including ways they can get involved