1 Month to 1 Day Ahead

Continue to Promote Workshop

  • If space is still available, send a registration reminder email to organizations & individuals on your promotion list
  • Ask partner organizations and KACEE for help getting the word out

Compile and Confirm Registrations

  • Compile list of registrant names, contact information, and payment status
  • Send email or letter to registrants to confirm the workshop dates, times, any last minute details or information, etc.

Gather Workshop Materials & Prepare for the Workshop

  • Correct # of handouts, supplies, books, etc.
  • Review activities, agenda, etc.
  • Facilitator paperwork (download paperwork below), clock hours certificates, grad credit paperwork, etc.
  • Load vehicle the night before the workshop when possible
  • Coffee pot (do they have one?)
  • Laptop
  • Make sure you’ve double checked Wi-Fi availability and how to access it
  • Do they have a projector? Bring yours!
  • Computer Speakers
  • Activity kits
  • Recycling if necessary
  • Workshop kit
  • Correct books
  • Copies
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Do they have a fridge to store drinks or do I need to bring a cooler?
  • Sustainability bag
  • Are there sinks available to wash lunch dishes?
  • First aid kit