1-2 Months Ahead

Develop Workshop Agenda

  • Select and organize activities, field studies, speakers, etc. for your workshop
  • Coordinate your agenda with workshop partners and co-faciliators

Develop your agenda to meet the needs of the audience and to fulfill your goals and objectives. Whether a workshop planned is a traditional project or incorporates a special topic such as energy or watersheds, building your agenda is critical to ensuring that the workshop participants have a good experience. Click here for tips on building your agenda.

Develop Graduate Credit Syllabus or Other Credit Applications

  • If graduate credit is offered through a KACEE staff education specialist, contact KACEE 5-6 weeks prior to the workshop with your agenda to collaborate on the Syllabus & Application
  • Review syllabus with KACEE and submit to college for course approval

Click Here for KACEE's guidance document on offering workshops for credit.

Confirm Workshop Logistics

  • Make arrangements with KACEE to pick up or have books shipped to your location
  • Contact workshop facility to confirm dates/times/room set-up, special needs, etc.
  • Book/confirm guest speakers, field studies, etc.
  • Begin gathering materials

Arrange for Meals, Snacks, Refreshments

  • If providing a meal, contact local partners or KACEE’s Office Manager for area caterers

To keep participants comfortable and engaged it is important to provide drinks (water, sodas) and snacks (granola bars, crackers) during the workshop. Depending on your budget, meals may be purchased through a caterer, donated by a local partner, or provided by participants brown bag.